The software that has had everybody waiting for months is finally here and I know many people who read Andrew Hansen’s “Niche Marketing On Crack” were already pre-sold before the launch of this niche empire building software that is suppose to be a time saving software used to build niche WordPress blogs with the push of a button. Is it really necessary to own this if you want to be a successful niche marketer, or is this just another hyped up useless Internet marketing automation tool?

We have all seen many people already make money with the “Niche Marketing On Crack” method, but will Niche Empire Generator live up to it’s name? Let’s take a look at this niche software and show you some of the pros and cons of Niche Empire Generator

An overview of Niche Empire Generator can be summed up as a program that manages niche WordPress blogs for you. These WordPress blogs are optimized for niche keywords that you find using the “Niche Marketing On Crack” method. These keywords or niches are very profitable because hardly anybody is competing for them and making blogs around these keywords and updating them with fresh unique content gives you a great opportunity to make lots of money from untapped niches.

These niches websites or blogs have helped many people make money online that have struggled in the past with affiliate marketing, so I definitely see why there is such an anticipation for the release of Niche Empire Generator.

We are now going to take a look at the features of this program and show you some of the positive and negative things about the software.

What are some of the good features of Niche Empire Generator?

1.This program makes it effortless to make custom niche websites the way you would like them to appear. One you get the program installed and running, you can literally have a profitable niche website up in about 5 minutes. The install was a breeze and also comes with 3 quickstart video tutorials on how to use the program.

2. All of the blogs created by Niche Empire Generator are made to be perfectly optimized for SEO. It automatically installs WordPress plug-ins and helps promote your blog by submitting the RSS feeds around the web and also utilizing social bookmarking tools. It also comes with pre-placed optimized AdSense blocks that blend into the template and all you have to do is input your publisher ID.

3. The software makes it easier for you to manage site content without confusing cron jobs to setup. You can upload all of your content and tell it when to post and it will build your blog posts over the time intervals you tell it to post at.

4. It totally manages every aspect of your site. It lets you know how well your sites are performing in the search engines and how many backlinks you are producing. It tells you when you last updated the site with content and also what you still need to do.

Now we are going to take a look at some of the cons of this niche site building software.

1. Although there are many automated features, to build a real niche site empire and profit from it will require a lot of work and effort on your end.

2. This program does not generate content for you, but you do receive a niche PLR article package as a bonus when you purchase it. You can find software that will generate auto-content, but you will not get you the same results as making your own content or rewriting PLR content. It takes more time to make original content but you will be higher up in the search engines results when you create unique content.

3. The software only comes with a few WordPress templates which most of them I did not like. You can upload your own templates as well as any WordPress plug-in you want to add to the software.

While the name might sound deceiving, we all know that no one has yet to invent a total automation software for forming niche site empires, but I believe Niche Empire Generator is the closest thing to full automation in niche marketing


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